Battle Ready Blog

What do you think of when you think of being Battle Ready? Do you imagine a soldier? A Veteran who has seen many things on their journey of service?

Andre is a Veteran. Andre knows Veterans and knows individuals who struggle not only with physical and emotional scars of service but those that drive individuals toward substance use and abuse. Our goal is not to serve only Veterans- but educate everyone on the war we are fighting together.

For some, addiction can take them to dark and lonely places where hands that reach out into the darkness to help them out of the pit they are sinking in, can be invisible. Once they see the hand, and take it, they climb out bewildered and unaware of what to do or where to go next.

The journey ahead will take fortitude, resilience, and grit. The clawing grasp of addiction can be painful and deep and may take time to work through as there could be any number of triggers and issues that feed the urges, cravings and use patterns.

What we do want people to know is that we are here with an outstretched hand into the darkness for you. We are here with a loving respect and kindness as well as a firm hand on various tools you may need and needs you may have.

We want to equip you with tools and skills that will have you Battle Ready to go to war with your substance abuse disorder and things that feed it– as we- battle beside you.

There will be more posts to come in the future- look for them in the near future! Armor ON!

January 16, 2022- Welcome to 2022

We have been open now for a full month! While all of you have yet to sit in the seats, share your stories, and start your journey with us- we are excited and have been busily preparing for your arrival. We have created a warm and nurturing space for you to recover in with an ability for you to notice all the wonderful things we will about who you are!

Welcome and COMEON’ In!

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